50 Free Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

I hope you enjoy this list I put together on how to get free blog traffic. If you would like to add to the list then feel free to contact me so I can add it and give you link back with credit. Please bookmark this post and come back here often and make sure to use all the techniques listed below to maximize traffic to your blog.

1. Regularly bookmark your blog posts at social bookmarking sites. Here are the Top 15 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites If you really want to turbo charge your social bookmarking then use Bookmarking Demon

2. Submit your feed to as many RSS feed directories as you can. This will increase your RSS subscribers and bring you more free traffic. Here is a great list to get you started: Feed Directories

3. Join Trafficswarm.com and get a Free Lifetime Membership today. Surf your TrafficSwarm Page and view only the sites that interest you. It just couldn’t be any easier to get free blog traffic!

4. Go and signup for an account at Stumbleupon.com This service has millions of users that stumble websites everyday which would bring traffic to your site.

5. Go and join the MyBlogLog community. Go into the settings and add your blog. Then start making friends in your niche.

6. Submit your best articles to these article directories using keywords in your author resource box linking back to your blog. This will help search engine rankings and increase traffic. Once of the top places to submit your article for free is Ezine Articles

7.  Research your keywords and find good ones to use in your posts. Here is a great post for you to read  20-Free Keyword Research Tools by Dainis Graveris

8.  Make sure you have an easy way for visitors to sign up for your RSS feed

9. Use a service by google called feedburner to burn your feed.

10. Submit your blog to many blog directories. Here is a great list: blog directories

11. Learn about blog memes and get involved.  Read What Is A Blog Meme by Chris Garrett

12. Use blog titles that are clear on what the post will be about. Sometimes being too clever with the title can hurt your chances of getting visitors to it.

13.  Interact with your readers, reply when they comment on your post. This shows you are active and care what they think and they will remember you and be more inclined to visit you again.

14. Invite a guest poster, they will get more exposure and will also want to promote their post more giving you more backlinks and increasing blog traffic

15. Make it easy for people to social bookmark your post.

16.  Run a free giveaway offer and collect their email addresses then you can send emails to them later bringing them back to your site giving you more traffic

17. Put your url on business cards

18. Put your url in your email signature with one of your keywords

19. Install Google Analytics on your blog    Here is a good post to look at Increase Blog Traffic With Google Analytics from blogtrafficexchange.com

20. Blog commenting – do a search and find blogs in your niche then start leaving comments on their blog posts. Make sure your comments are relevant and not spammy. This will increase your backlinks and increase blog traffic. Do this everyday and you will definitely start to see traffic coming in from your efforts. The best part is that this is FREE! If you want to put your blog commenting on steroids then these are great free tools Comment Sniper or Comment Kahuna

21. Get a Technorati account. Technorati is a search engine for blogs. There is a great amount of traffic going through there so grab a piece of the pie.

22. Use trackbacks to develop backlinks and build up traffic. Look at this post by Jack Humphrey Using trackbacks to get more links and traffic

23. Write press releases and submit them to Free Press Release and PRLog

24. Join forums related to your niche and get involved and start making posts that add value and help people. After you have made a few posts then its a good idea to add your signature. Make sure and use good anchor text and not just your url in your signature. A good technique is once you found a question someone asked in the forum then create a blog post that answers that question specifically if you don’t already have a blog post that answers it then point them to your post.Use this to help you search BoardTracker.com

25. Use video to spice up your blog. Go to Youtube and grab the code to imbed in your blog post.

26. Join BlogCatalog and add your blog

27. When you update your blog you can use the free pingomatic service to notify different search engines of your update. If you have a wordpress blog you can add several ping servers and have it do it automatically each time you post.

28.  Join Bloggerparty

29.  Use pictures, many top blogger do, pictures make your posts more attractive and memorable which makes people more inclined to bookmark them

30. Sometimes you might want to write a controversial post which will generate a nice buzz and free traffic for your post

31. Submit posts of  your blogger friends  to bookmarking sites and let them know and they will do the same for you

32. Write questions in your post, try to get the reader involved, they will then be more motivated to leave comments which will help keep your post active

33. Make a list of top 10 things related to your niche, people love these kind of blog posts, same as you are reading now

34. Submit your site to Alltop

35. Get involved in ning communities where you can make friends posts links and content which will bring you free blog traffic

34. Have a Digg button so people can digg your post easily

35. Create an account at Squidoo.com and then you can make a lens and start adding content in your niche then link back to your blog

36. Write a good review post of someone and their product in your niche and let them know so they can link back to you and give your post some link juice

37. Submit your blog to Spicypage

38. Look for .edu sites where you can submit to directories,forums,or link pages

39. Create an account at Hubpages then post content and link back to your blog

40. Contact related blogs and trade blog rolls

41. Allow visitors to subscribe to comments and be notified of any new ones

42. Submit your site to Coolsiteoftheday

43. Get involved in a blog webring.

44. Use the new Google buzz to generate some buzz for your post. That reminds me, please buzz this post

45. Download and use the All-in-one SEO plugin if you are using self hosted wordpress blog.

46.  Submit your site to addurl.nu you can get some good backlinks here to help drive free traffic to your blog

47. Use the free video distribution service at Tubemogul

48. Join Google groups and get actively involved

49. Join Yahoo answers and provide valuable content to people asking questions. Every now and then link back to one of your blog posts to answer a question. Don’t do this on every question you answer or it will be considered spammy.

50. Don’t be shy, make sure you are telling your friends and family about your blog, some may be highly interested and can bring you regular traffic from referrals

I hope you enjoyed my list. Please bookmark and buzz this post. Thank you.


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