Increase Blog Traffic Using Twitter

Every so often something comes along that takes the Internet by storm. Right now one of the hottest forms of social networking is There are numerous benefits to using Twitter to market your business.  Here are six of them!

1. Developing a large list of followers gives you a market that you might not otherwise have had. There are millions of members on Twitter right now that you can follow and create as followers yourself.

The numbers alone suggest that marketing online this way will create traffic and potential business you might not have otherwise had.  Politicians such as John McCain and President Obama already understand the advantage of Twitter and have hundreds of thousands of followers. This alone should tell you that the possibilities for your business are astronomical.

2. Starting conversations on Twitter is extremely easy to do. Every update you make is similar to a micro-blog post and is known as Tweeting. You can get instantaneous feedback and create conversations very quickly this way.

This is where the social networking aspect really comes into play. You will meet people that you otherwise never would have known and develop personal relationships with them.

3. There is a strategy to doing this correctly. You do not want to constantly be promoting products and sound like you’re advertising.  Just as email marketing and discussion forums do not allow spamming neither does Twitter.

However by participating on a regular basis you can include product updates, useful information, blog posts, and so on to update your followers on what is going on with you. By doing it this way you avoid sounding like you’re advertising and you can market as well.

4. You can generate interest in things that are going on in your business by asking questions. This allows you to get the conversation going and easily increase the number of updates you are making. Major corporations are finding they can generate interest for their products on Twitter and so can you as a small Internet business owner.

5. Marketing online can be expensive but not so with Twitter. This is free and the only cost to you is the time it takes to participate in it.

6. Not only is it free but it can be fun. It can almost become addictive so you need to be conscious that you are not wasting your valuable time, but you are using it to benefit your business.

These are six reasons to market on Twitter. There certainly are many more but getting started and learning more about it will help you find out what those are.


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