Forum Marketing is one of the best online marketing techniques

There are many great forums online for just about any niche. You should find as many popular ones you can in your niche. This is a vital strategy for your online marketing efforts. Start searching for the most active forums here

The smaller forums are harder to find but simply searching google for “forum” will help you get started. Get focused and search for your top keyword phrase and just add the word forum at the end.

What all these forums allow you to do is post what is called a signature. Most people will put their name or something about them in their signature. What you want to do is put an ad and a link to your url. Then every time you make a post in that forum your signature file will show up at the bottom of your post. The more free posts you make the more times your url shows up and the more likely someone will click on your link, especially if your posts are positive and helpful. This is also a way to establish yourself as a real person on the internet, which people seem to respond better to than just an ad.This is a great way to learn about marketing online as well as promote your url.

Goal: Make 5 quality posts in at least 1 forum a day.


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